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Hallucinogens: The Search for a Legal Escape

As long as people feel the need to escape from the pressures of the world and the daily rat race, the search for drugs like legal hallucinogens will continue. Many people long to experience that out-of-body feeling but still do not want to enter the world of illegal drug use. As they search for legal drugs, legal hallucinogens seem to be some of the most sought-out and popular.

There are many reasons why some hallucinogens are legal while others remain illegal. Sometimes it is because legal hallucinogens have been recently discovered and popularized and so they have not yet acquired the distinction of being dangerous, illegal drugs. Other times it could be because legal hallucinogens are natural products, while illegal ones tend to be synthetic. Whatever the story, there are a few main legal hallucinogens that people are talking about.

Popular Legal Hallucinogens

One of the more popular and newer legal hallucinogens is Salvia Divinorum, also known as Diviner’s Sage. It looks basically like oregano and is most often smoked, although it can also be chewed or brewed as tea for a more moderate, longer sustained hallucinogenic effect. Opinions on this legal hallucinogen vary widely. It originally came from Oaxaca, Mexico and was used by shamans for meditation and spiritual purposes, but some first-time users of the drug say they will not use it again because it packs the intensity of a large amount of acid into a very short, extremely intense, fifteen to thirty-minute high, leaving users with a serious let-down feeling afterwards. This hallucinogen is currently being sold on the Internet for as little as $40, but prices can climb as high as $150 for better quality.

Another legal hallucinogen is psilocybin. Psilocybin is the active ingredient in shrooms that produces the hallucinogenic high and sellers of this legal hallucinogen offer the synthetic, legal equivalent. It, too, can be bought on the Internet in the form of pills for varying costs.

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