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Internships for Legal Students

If you are interested in legal internships, you have numerous options at your disposal to help get you acquainted with the legal profession. Some of the possibilities are very low-level jobs that merely get you involved with the daily proceedings of the profession and help you see how everything operates. Other possibilities give you a more hands-on role where you are directly taught some of the skills and thinking involved in the legal profession. However, whether you start small and work your way up or initially start with a prestigious internship, each individual position can go a long way to helping you in your path to be a legal professional.

Legal Internships: Categories and Options

Law students who are looking for legal internships need to first identify the area or areas within law in which they are most interested. This specification will enable you to better find an internship position that meets your needs and applies to your area of interest. Legal internships are often divided into specific categories, so you have the opportunity to narrow your focus and begin your specialization, even at the internship level. Some—but probably not all—of the categories into which legal internships can be divided are intellectual property, corporate/law office, media, military, environment, government, legal, public interest, and international law.

For those looking for specific internship opportunities, here are some to consider: Haynes and Boone is a firm in Texas dealing with intellectual property; The Student Press Law Center offers numerous media law positions; the US Army JAG Corp has internships; The Environmental Protection Agency’s supports an internship program; the National Whistleblower Center has many internships in government law; the National Association for Public Interest Law works with thirty-seven firms to provide internships in public interest law; and the American Society of International Law offers many internship opportunities. Although these are just a few of the possibilities, they can give you an idea of what kinds of opportunities are available. For more information, look on the Internet or in Internship books.

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